In the age of online reviews and instant feedback, businesses like ours, Absolute Cravings, are navigating through both the opportunities and challenges that come with digital customer interactions. While we highly value customer feedback and see it as essential for improvement, we also face the complexity of managing and responding to this feedback, especially when it’s shared online.

The Value of Immediate Feedback

At Absolute Cravings, we believe in the power of real-time communication. Our policy, clearly stated on our menu, encourages guests to inform us of any issues or concerns during their visit. We emphasize this approach because we’re committed to providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

Our staff is trained to check in with guests after their meals are served, ensuring any immediate needs or concerns are addressed. This proactive approach is designed to solve problems on the spot, allowing our guests to leave happy and satisfied.

The Challenge of Online Reviews

Despite our best efforts, we’ve noticed a trend of customers leaving negative reviews online, mostly about issues that were never brought to our attention in person. While we understand that everyone has the right to share their experiences, it’s challenging to address concerns that we only learn about after the fact.

Navigating the Complex World of Online Reviews

We’ve observed that occasionally there’s a surge in negative online reviews. These can range from genuine feedback to fake or malicious content. Distinguishing between these types of reviews is a challenge in itself. Fake and malicious reviews can be particularly harmful as they do not accurately reflect the customer experience or our efforts to address concerns.

We’ve made a conscious decision not to respond to online reviews, particularly those that we believe might not be genuine. This decision is based on our philosophy that meaningful and constructive feedback should be a two-way, in-person conversation. We feel that this approach allows for immediate resolution and a more personal touch.

Why In-Person Feedback Matters

In an era where online anonymity can sometimes lead to unconstructive criticism, we stand by the belief that face-to-face interactions foster honesty and understanding. When a customer shares feedback in person, it gives us the opportunity to:

  1. Understand the Context: Face-to-face communication helps us understand the nuances of the situation.
  2. Provide Immediate Solutions: We can offer solutions right away, turning a potentially negative experience into a positive one.
  3. Build Relationships: Personal interactions help in building a rapport with our customers, making them feel heard and valued.

Inviting Constructive Online Feedback

While we prioritize in-person communication, we also recognize the importance of online feedback. For those who prefer digital communication, we encourage constructive and genuine reviews. We suggest emailing us directly through our website,, where we promise to read and consider every piece of feedback.


At Absolute Cravings, our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. We believe that the best way to ensure our guests have a wonderful experience is through open, honest, and direct communication. Whether it’s a compliment, suggestion, or concern, we’re always here to listen and improve. After all, our cafĂ© is not just about serving great food, but also about creating a community where everyone feels welcomed and valued. In facing the challenges of online reviews, we continue to focus on the real voices of our customers, ensuring that every visit to Absolute Cravings is a memorable one.

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