About Pickup & Delivery Take Home Meals service

Pickup and Delivery of Healthy Take Home Meals are only offered on Wednesdays. Orders for Wednesday Delivery or Pickup need to be placed by Friday midnight.

 Delivery is FREE to the Townsville Region when your total order reaches $100. When selecting a delivery time please understand we try our best to deliver on time however due to the volumes and generally many people selecting similar times we may be slightly earlier than requested or later.

If you need to go out and we haven't delivered yet you can contact us on Wednesday after 5;30pm (phone 0428188127) for an update on time or you can leave and esky with cold packs in it and let us know your happy for us to leave your order in the esky.

Delivery to Other Regions will generally be on the day after the delivery date you have selected which allows for the transport from Townsville. We will contact you directly to provide a better time estimate.